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Neena Rose’s first holiday single, “Cinnamon” is not your average Christmas carol. Neena explores the idea that this holiday season has an underlying capitalistic agenda and that society has lost the true meaning of Christmas. This moody tune provides a dose of realism and thought-provoking concepts that are sure to give listeners a break from the regularly scheduled programming during this time of year. 

Cinnamon Coverart.JPEG


Neena Rose’s, “Perfect Stranger”, dances on the line between the persona we create for people in our minds, and how they actually are. Neena describes the feeling of meeting a seemingly perfect guy and the fear of learning something that may skew her perception of him. Following the saying, “ignorance is bliss”, Rose leaves the stranger behind before any red flags could ruin her perception of him. 

Perfect Stranger Covert Art.jpeg


Neena Rose’s War Zone has taken social media by storm and has become a fan-favourite for its relatability and raw expression of emotion. Neena lays it all on the table as she taps into her own personal battle with mental health and delivers this powerful ballad sure to bring reassurance to those who are also struggling. This song has become an anthem for all facing their own internal battles allowing them to take a breath knowing they are not alone.

War Zone Cover Art.jpeg


“Belt” by Neena Rose is unlike any of her previous releases, coming from one of her most viral TikToks, as a part of her word-generator freestyle series! Rose posted a video using a word generator to create a song on the spot. Nearly 8 million views later, Rose and her producer worked together to create a full version of this fan favourite.

Belt Cover Art.jpeg


This song is about the struggles of being in a relationship that is not supported by those around you. Instead of allowing outside influences to ruin a good thing, Neena sings about a secret connection that flourishes outside of the public eye.



Neena Rose’s  “Nothing” acts as the sequel to her hit single “War Zone”. This song illustrates the stage of depression when one feels emptiness and apathy, AKA nothing. Rose explains her lack of concern for things she once loved while expressing a deep desire to free herself from her emotional constraints which she describes as a “rabbit hole”. This song allows those who are struggling to feel understood and gives listeners a deeper look at Rose’s experiences with mental health.



This song details a possible negative aspect of modern day relationships, being ghosted. This track is a comfort song for anyone experiencing the modern day struggle of being dumped without explanation. Rose encourages everyone who relates to accept their loss and move on with the knowledge that it wasn’t meant to be. You deserve more than that!

Ghosted Cover.jpeg


“333”, outlines her recent journey of self-empowerment and using spirituality to overcome her struggle with mental illness. Becoming quite interested in numerology and new-age spirituality, Rose noticed the angel number 333 constantly appearing on clocks, time stamps, and more, which she believes to be signs of encouragement from the universe. All in all, Rose captivates her audience with this modern take on numerology and has embraced this anomaly as a sign that she must use music to aid herself and others through the trials and tribulations of life.

333 Cover Art.jpeg


“Coin”, is yet another one of her viral word-generator freestyles on TikTok! Being her most viewed video, garnering 14 million views, Rose heard her audience and completed this freestyle, based solely on what came to mind after generating the word, coin.

Coin Cover Art.jpeg
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